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Moving Blankets and Supplies


What is a moving blanket?
moving blankets

Moving blankets are used to wrap delicate or unpackaged materials, furniture and other fragile goods to provide protection when moving.  Moving Blankets play a significant role in making your move more relaxing because you can feel confident about the safety of your furniture and other valuable household goods. 

Moving blankets vary in weight from about 3 pounds per moving blanket to about 8 pounds per moving blanket – ours are approximately 7 lbs per blanket and they are designed to provide premium quality protection of your valuables.

Please note that blankets may not be exactly as shown - colour may be slightly different.

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Moving Blankets

Our moving blankets are 72” x 80” and are made of a high quality poly/cotton blend (they are soft and durable). The blankets have durable woven fabric on both sides and are zigzag quilted with lock stitching. Double stitched binding is used to ensure long lasting wear.

The 72” x 80” blankets are dark blue on one side and light blue on the other. The can be purchased individually for $15.95 or in packages of 12 for $159.95 (SPECIAL - purchases of two dozen or more are $149.95 per dozen). These blankets have a soft thick filler and a shipping weight of approx 84 lbs per dozen.

Delivery is available at an extra cost

Grommet Service

Grommets make the blankets easier to hang. This is especially useful if you are using the blanket for soundproofing or to protect a wall. With grommets added to a blanket, they can easily be hung on a wall or in an elevator to protect the finished walls as materials are being moved - very common in residential buildings and commercial offices.

Grommets are 90 cents per grommet installed.

NEW*  Customized Blankets!

Customized moving blankets now available! Customizing your moving blankets is a great for marketing, retension and identification. Contact us to find out information on sizing, logos, names and more!

Please note customized blankets have a minimum order of 2,000 blankets.

Priced will vary depending on choice of customization, such as colour and wording.


All prices are subject to applicable taxes and based on pick up at our warehouse (Mississauga, Ontario)

Delivery is available at an additional cost

Other Uses & Purposes

Can moving blankets be used for other purposes?

Absolutely!  Moving blankets have a variety of uses outside of just wrapping and protecting furniture and delicate materials.  A couple of the more common uses include:

Sound Proofing – moving blankets can provide an economical method of soundproofing.  Sound proofing materials are generally very expensive and not always practical.  We have had a number of client’s purchase our moving blankets to use as soundproofing and they have been very happy with the results.

Pet Bedding – moving blankets are soft durable quilts which can be used for pet bedding at a fraction of the price of traditional pet beds and blankets.

Basement / Playroom – because of the materials they are made of, moving blankets actually are a very practical option for a basement / child’s playroom.  They are soft, durable and provide some insulation against a cold floor.  Plus they are more cost effective and easier to wash compared to a traditional throw rug.

Moving Boxes

Small Mirror Cartons (37x4x27) $5.50
Large Mirror Cartons (2 pc unit - 42x3.5x66) $17.50
Large Wardrobes w/bar (24x21x48) $19.45
Newsprint Bundle $29.95
Bubble wrap (12 x 150) - quoted as sourced
2 cube Cartons (18x15x13) $2.50
3 cube Cartons (18x18x16) $3.15
4 cube Cartons (18x18x21) $3.75

USED CARTONS (based on availability)
are half the price of the above

All dimensions are approximate, and are in inches

Moving Boxes
Additional Moving Supplies
Shrink wrap

Shrink wrap
14 X 1500 - 65 ga - 4 rolls/case $45.00


Packing tape
Packing Tape
48mm x 50m - 36 rolls/case $41.76



Our straps are 20 feet long, have e-logistics and ratchets.
Our straps start at $16.50 each (call us for pricing on large orders)

please note: strap colour vaires and may not be exactly as shown

Contact our sales team at: 1-800-668-5687

or by email:

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